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Cellebrite’s Latest Industry Trends Survey for the Private Sector

Cellebrite’s Latest Industry Trends Survey for the Private Sector

In a quickly changing world, corporations must have the latest information about the trends affecting eDiscovery and Corporate Investigations. This is critical in order to provide important insights that can protect their business and employees from internal and external threats.

To enable an understanding of where your enterprise – whether small, medium or large – stands and the challenges organizations face, Cellebrite conducted a comprehensive Enterprise Solutions 2023 Industry Trends Survey for the Private Sector.

The Aim of the Survey

Our aim is to help streamline investigations by looking at the critical issues affecting organizations in the private sector and proposing solutions for dealing with their challenges.

With 550 respondents from more than 75 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East Asia, Latin America and Asia Pacific, the survey provides an extensive view of the issues with which corporations are dealing with.

Respondents represented a wide range of companies – from fewer than 50 employees all the way up to those with more than 2,000 employees. They include service providers, corporations, other private sector bodies and academia.

What Are the Main Issues?

Given the ever-expanding digital environment, with employees accessing and sharing data on multiple devices, as well as through apps and in the cloud, which sources do employers normally collect from?

Both corporations and service providers are dealing with collecting an ever-increasing amount of data, while the sources of collection are also expanding quicker than ever. The survey asked which devices are the most frequent sources of collection in investigations.

Confidence in the ability to collect data from endpoints is a critical factor for organizations: how confident are investigators about their ability to collect relevant data from endpoints?

Using more than one forensic digital tool to gather and analyze relevant data is time consuming, expensive and decreases investigators’ confidence in collecting data. How many tools are corporations using?


Based on the responses from the survey, the path forward is clear: accessing data quickly and efficiently no matter where it’s stored is key to solving cases faster and protecting employees and businesses. To meet the demands of the future, corporations need the right strategy and solutions to begin transforming today.

The survey reveals that while some forward-leaning managers are far down the road in establishing a solid endpoint intelligence strategy, many organizations are still way behind.

Technological change is constantly redefining business as usual. Remote working methods are the new norm and people can now access data everywhere. As a result, organizations need a comprehensive and flexible digital intelligence strategy, experienced teams and technology that can protect against potential threats, while swiftly and effectively reacting to unexpected events.

(This article and the survey report can be viewed here)

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