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Landing Pages - 12Handz by Camilyo

Landing Pages - 12Handz by Camilyo

This page includes examples of Landing Page texts and FAQs

for a company that produced a digital marketing service program

aimed at Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

It explains how the Analyser program examines

a business's online presence. 


Analyser Landing Page

Hero: How Effective Is Your Online Presence?

Subtitle: Give our analyser 30 seconds and it will tell you exactly what needs improving and how to do it.


Check My Online Presence


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What is 12Handz and why do we give you a free online analyzer?

12Handz is a guided-marketing tool for small and medium-sized businesses. We create free, personalized marketing plans for companies just like yours across the country.

Our mission is to champion SMBs in everything we do. The first step to creating your marketing plan is analyzing where you are, now.


Answer some questions about your business

Receive your tailor-made marketing plan and a free call with one of our experts

Put your plan into action! Do it yourself with our online tools, or get an expert to do it for you


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What does our free analyzer actually do?

Have you ever wondered what your online presence is actually doing? Is it bringing new customers or retaining current ones?

That's where our analyzer comes in. Using multiple parameters, it provides a complete report on your online presence – what you’re doing right, and how to improve.


Get My Results

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Make sure you are top of mind and secure

People need to know your business exists so they can buy from you. That’s why our analyzer checks if potential customers can easily find you online.

Then, they need to know they can trust you: our analyzer goes over your customer reviews, data protection and SSL (security protocol).

And of course, customers need to choose you over your competition. So, the analyzer checks your loading speed, mobile friendliness, your social media presence, your blog, and everything else that makes customers choose you.

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My business has managed so far without an analyzer. Why do I need one now?

Our free analysis will help you see where your online presence is working and where it can improve. You’ll understand what you need to do to take your business to the next level.

And with our tailor-made marketing plan and expert advice, you can start putting it into practice – all for free.


Check My Online Presence Now



How does the analyzer work?

It’s super simple! Just enter your website URL, then after around 30 seconds of loading, we have the results.


How does the analyzer help my business?

Our specially designed tool looks at all the critical elements of your online presence and tells you which ones are working and where you need to make changes. Our aim is to find the exact areas where you can improve your chances of attracting new leads.


I have managed so far without an analyzer. Why should I use one now?

Well, it's free, there are no catches, and you will get a great report showing you what you are doing right and what you can improve! We love working with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours and guiding companies in using digital marketing to boost business. The next step is to sign up for a free and personalized marketing plan, but if you just want to take the analysis and build on it yourself, that's fine.


I get plenty of word-of-mouth work, so why do I need an analyzer?

It's true that many SMBs receive a great deal of their work via referrals and recommendations and are happy with that. But what happens on days when this work does not come in? How do you set up your business so that you have work every day? This is where online marketing is so important. It brings in more work and is easily managed from one central point. It's vital to have an online presence and our analyser will show you exactly the steps you should be taking to make it as efficient as possible.


Why do we give you a free analyzer?

At 12Handz, we champion SMBs because you are a critical part of the economy. We know that SMBs often don't have the resources to market themselves. Smart marketing does not require a huge amount of money behind it. That’s because digital marketing puts all companies on a level playing field. Our aim is to improve your digital marketing with a free, personalized plan to show you what’s involved and how to do it.


Are there any catches?

None whatsoever! Have a good look at our analysis of your online presence to see how you can raise your game. And if you like what you see, sign up for a free personalized marketing plan with a step-by-step guide to growing your business.


Why is analyzing my online presence so important?

Like many small businesses, you have a website, you’re posting content on social media and maybe running ads as well. But without thoroughly analyzing your online presence, how can you really know if you're being effective and what changes may be needed?  Our free analyzer checks all your online platforms in just 30 seconds and gives you a report showing changes you should make.


Is my privacy safe when using the analyzer? What about my customers’ privacy?
Absolutely. Data security is a top priority for us, ensuring that your data is safe and belongs to you. We store all data in the cloud, on external Microsoft servers. Microsoft servers offer the highest industry standard of security, including data encryption, firewalls against cyber-attacks and automatic data backup. So, your data is secure and accessible to you only.


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